One of the major requirements in a facility housing individuals with special needs is getting qualified staff who are also by nature caring, loving, patient and empathetic. At Vivaan too, parents are constantly on the lookout for caregivers with the right mindset. The following poem was written by one of the Vivaan mothers, Shoma Biswas, on behalf of all the special residents there. 

To Our Special Caregivers 

Do enter our world!
We’ve kept open the door.
But be prepared first
for what may be in store.

You might greet us warmly
but find some of us withdrawn.
Just give us a little time,
our feelings might yet spawn.

Some have giggling bouts
right out of the blue;
it’s a glut of feelings being released
that inside us do stew.

A few bang heads on the wall,
and might scare you silly.
We do that when frustrated
or just seeking attention willy-nilly.

Sometimes we rock ourselves,
or emit strange sounds,
flap hands, run wild,
be difficult to be around.

It’s okay if you’re disconcerted,
or want to retreat, even flee.
We’re square pegs in round holes;
not everyone’s cup of tea.

We’ll wait for those brave hearts
whom our antics won’t daunt,
who’ll assume the intelligence
that we’re unable to flaunt.

Who won’t define us by our quirks,
but see diamonds in the rough.
Who’ll persevere and stay on
when the going gets tough.

They’ll help us reach our potential
and find our place in the sun.
Such angels are arriving....
There’s hope on the horizon!