Annual Day Celebration at Vivaan 

On 13th June 2021, Vivaan residents celebrated the first anniversary of the Centre! A year back, on 8th June 2020, our boys had, along with staff members, moved into their current and permanent home from the leased facility that had housed them for over three years. Though there was still some pending construction work, we had hastened the shift as our boys were cooped up in their group home, unable to go out for their walks and bicycle rides due to the ongoing pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. The pandemic saga continues, but ever since the move, our boys have been getting to enjoy the open space and fresh air that the sprawling campus offers. They are able to walk and cycle around, play outdoor sports, help the gardener water plants, and keep themselves rejuvenated and fit. There’s a resident site head to manage operations, and round the clock security at the gate. Here are some pictures from the occasion. Parents are conspicuous in their absence due to lockdown restrictions, but they joined via video calls over the internet.