Women have always had the strongest bond with their children. However today’s men are not far behind. This is particularly true of the fathers of our resident boys at Vivaan. They are at the forefront when it comes to envisioning and planning a promising future for the boys while also focusing on bettering their present. The following lines have been penned by Shoma Biswas, a Vivaan parent, on behalf of her autistic son, who shares a close bond with his father.


To Dad, with Love


God made me autistic, I sometimes bear a grudge.

But He chose you as my father, so who am I to judge?!

You love me the way I am, and accept me with respect;

Despite all my oddities, you’ve no embarrassment or regret.

Taking care of my needs, is quite taxing no doubt,

But while my mood swings between extremes, yours is calm throughout.

You exude positivity, and ward off all my gloom;

Your understated love runs deep, I know I’m right to assume.

Being a guy this comes hard, and I may not say this anew:

I love you Dad, in my own way, and have high hopes because of you!